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Deal Support

Deal Support

Deal Support

HOLD: Sourcing the best local intelligence for your deails

Deal Support

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We provide:

  • Document checking

  • ID checks

  • Research

  • Investigations

Tapis can source the local intelligence needed to for robust transactional due diligence. From simple verification checks, to operational reviews, political and regulatory risk analysis and stakeholder mapping, our consultants help ensure you have the best possible insights to support any deal. To date Tapis has supported transactions in some of the most complex environments on the planet, providing almost instant deal support in locations our competitors cannot.

Case Studies

Screening investors

Investigating asset operations in Ukraine

Company making major acquisition needed to understand state of operating plants in rebel held areas. Tapis deployed consultant within 48 hours. Reported issues with operations and local political hold. Board able to make decision.

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Investigating asset operations in Ukraine

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