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Recruiting Now

Tapis Intelligence is recruiting in MENA and Central Asia

Tapis Intelligence launched a new concept in locally-sourced global information in May 2018, and is now growing fast in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Tapis is rapidly scaling up its global Consultant Community in the Middle-East, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and Central Asia to meet significant client demand. Tapis is therefore welcoming new consultants to the network and would love to hear from risk professionals, researchers, intelligence analysts, investigators and operations professionals based across the region.


What is Tapis?

Tapis is a London-based start-up that is filling a gap in the market using a new technological platform to connect companies with expertise on the ground “on tap” at highly competitive prices.  As risk, intelligence and consulting professionals, Tapis’s founders were frustrated by the challenges their organisations faced in rapidly accessing ground-truthed intelligence from local sources when remotely gathered or desktop information was not granular enough. They created the Tapis platform to quickly gather requirements, estimate cost and link the client to the in-country source to provide the best local intelligence, quickly and affordably from local consultants. Tapis first consultant network has been built by its founders over decades of operating in the intelligence field.


How does Tapis work?

Tapis Intelligence is powered by a network of experienced local consultants - our Consultant Community. By joining the community, researchers, risk and intelligence professionals working around the globe gain access to fantastic freelance consulting opportunities.


Whether you're a young professional or academic building your portfolio, a highly seasoned consultant looking to increase revenue, or a local consultancy wanting to increase your international exposure, joining the Tapis Community can help you. It may be that you are a security professional who is looking for part time work alongside an in-country contract and Tapis is flexible enough to accommodate all of these needs. We also have a steady stream of work for investigators and notaries.


Sign up and we’ll alert you to consulting tasks in your geography or area of expertise. Typical tasks include:

  • On-the-ground investigations

  • Risk analysis

  • Geopolitical, economic and operational risk

  • Providing timely local information to support business continuity

  • Due diligence

  • Risk assessments

  • Documentation verification


Tasks range from a few hours to several days in duration, and you can choose to take on the opportunities that suit you.


How can I become a Tapis consultant?

Simply sign up online and undertake a brief interview with our intelligence team. Once we have undertaken due diligence on your capabilities and performed background checks, we’ll start alerting you to consulting tasks in your region or area of expertise.  Or if you'd like to speak with one of our Consultant Community Team to learn more about how we work, email us at

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