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Case Study: Discrete Investigation in Singapore

We conducted a discrete investigation in Singapore for a high net worth individual.

Our client, a high net worth individual in Singapore, asked Tapis to conduct an investigation into the directors of a business partner they’d had long-standing business dealings with.

Singapore has very stringent laws regarding how investigations are conducted. Tapis’ consultant is a highly reputed and experienced investigator with deep knowledge of the country’s legal framework. They:

  • Ensured that our client was aware of what was possible within the legal frameworks

  • Carried out background checks for the company directors in line with legal requirements

  • Accessed local records efficiency and in line with standard legal protocol

  • Provided strong local witness statements testifying to the characters of the company directors

Our consultant got first-hand accounts from local business people in the sector to understand the reputation of the individuals involved. This helped our client to assess how to move forward with their dealings with the company.

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