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Case Study: Market Analysis for Media Company

We helped a European media company move into China

Our client, a European media firm, was looking to establish a base in China. They needed support in assessing the risks and benefits of a potential head office location in Shanghai. Although they had undertaken a review of open-source intelligence, they wanted to understand whether this matched the situation on the ground.

Tapis Intelligence tasked a locally resident analyst to :

  • Review the open-source intelligence

  • Corroborate the accuracy of reports

  • Identify any additional issues

  • Comment on the overall risks and benefits of the site

As a local resident, the analyst was able to quickly confirm the accuracy of local reports. They then undertook additional research on additional local risks. The review was completed within 4 working days, enabling the company to quickly confirm the desirability of the office location and make key decisions about their move.

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