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Got COVID info overload?

As a director, crisis manager, senior manager or analyst supporting your company's coronavirus response you may be feeling the impacts of information overload. To help we've put together a list of some of the best, most concise COVID-19 sources out there. As well as setting down our top tips for staying up to date, and avoiding coronavirus analysts burnout.

Top COVID-19 intelligence

Invaluable resource from the World Health Organisation, including daily situation reports. Technical guidance and information on the latest protection measures.

Public Health England twitter feed sharing the latest official guidance on the latest science, and public health advice about the virus, and a daily dashboard of reported cases by local authority.

Public Health England GIS-powered COVID-19 tracker. Use the interactive interface to explore data by region and date.

Guidance for employees, employers and businesses in providing advice about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Science and news outlets

Hugely comprehensive overview of coronavirus case data by country, with links to some of the largest studies on age and morbidity.

The latest scientific news about what we know about the virus, advised prevention measures and updates on developments of testing and immunisation solutions.

Arstechnica - a source for technology news, policy analysis, and breakdowns of the latest scientific advancements - guide to the coronavirus. Consolidating a wide range of news and reporting from across the web.

GIS powered mapping site, showing active and cumulative cases, daily increases, deaths and reports on recovery by country.

Finally, remember that not all the information you may need will be open source. Understanding how supply chains are changing on the ground, or how government restrictions are working in reality may require you to check in with local sources.

This is where Tapis Intelligence can help. We are an on-demand intelligence sourcing service, able to provide custom, locally sourced intelligence from 120+ countries to inform your COVID-19 response. Ensuring you're in the best position for manage, scale or reposition your business as the situation unfolds.

Request custom intelligence today, and you'll be matched with a highly skilled local or regional analyst who will work with sources on-the-ground to gather the intelligence you need. Including :

  • Daily or weekly custom COVID-19 updates for  C-Suite and management

  • Local intelligence on coronavirus management in 120+ countries

  • Custom supply chain intelligence, to help manage operations overseas

  • Strategic insight on public and government sentiment, across Asia, Africa and the Americas


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