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Meet Our Experts: Central Asia

'Maxim' is one of our Central Asia experts, based in Kazakhstan. To learn more about sourcing local intelligence, read on.

‘Maxim’ is our Russian speaking security consultant with fantastic networks in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. A former police detective, he has a decade of experience as a security manager for large international security firms. ‘Maxim’ is convinced that a robust knowledge of local environments is vital when sourcing and contextualizing local intelligence:

“As a security expert, I have proven security operational skills and well-developed understanding of commercial, cultural and safety policies in Central Asian geographies.”

As a consultant, his focus is on devising practical solutions through reducing risk, achieving significant cost savings and enhancing operational performance. He also emphasises his ability to liaise with local agencies:

“It’s especially important during emergencies. To this end, I worked in close consultation with Kazakh Law Enforcement and Emergency agencies to manage joined-up emergency response.”

For more information on our local experts in Central Asia, or how we can support your organisation on the ground contact


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