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Meet Our Experts: Uganda

We have a number of consultants based-in, or with extensive experience and local networks in Uganda. To find out more about our analysts, operational risk and business intelligence expertise in the country, read on.

'Bwanbale' is our Ugandan business analyst and strategist. He has consulted for a national bank, a multinational security services company, and founded a healthcare startup in Uganda. When asked about the power of local intelligence, he argues:

“Over the years I have been able to foster, maintain, and develop social and professional networks across a wide range of sectors. These networks offered deeper insight into a variety of issues, and also grant access to key decision-makers at short notice.”

'Bwanbale' recalls a specific occasion when his local network enabled him to provide high-quality service:

“I connected my client with respectable members of Ugandan society who lent their expertise for his Fintech startup”.

He says networks are built with trust and patience:

“I find that I am a very intent listener: to the extent of people opening up to me much deeper than expected. And therefore, I can easily and quickly build trust.”

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