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Meet Our Experts: Malaysia

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Our Malaysian expert shares his insights on the power of local intelligence. To learn more, read on.

‘Afiq’ is our highly experienced security expert, specialising in business continuity and logistics. A former security director for a national petroleum company, he has a strong managerial background with senior-level international experience and cross-sectoral exposure. A life-long learner, ‘Afiq’ says that key to sourcing local intelligence is his ability to identify critical issues, his collaborative approach and strong interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage others. He makes a strong case for the power of local intelligence:

I have supported clients by liaising with external agencies and contractors across multiple sites. How would you do that if you are not on the ground? ”

He adds that her cross-sectoral exposure and strong managerial background are an important advantage:

“I provided advice to a CEO and senior management on all aspects of the project’s physical security. On another occasion, I ensured contract compliance and service delivery within budgetary requirements in order to maximize profits and reduce cost.”

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