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Meet Our Experts: South Africa

Our 120+ country network includes outstanding experts in South Africa. To meet one of our local consultants read on.

Our South African risk and security consultant has over 15 years of experience under their belt. Their profound understanding of the region is paramount in sourcing local intelligence:

“Many parts of Africa remain averse to technology and offer only limited data. Without my strong network even in remote corners of Africa, it would be impossible to assist clients in getting the required intelligence in a timely manner.”

They recall an occasion showcasing the power of local intelligence:

“Most recently we used our extensive network in multiple African jurisdictions to assist the client in ascertaining the true identity and location of an internationally active fraudster.”

Our consultant says their diverse background is another important factor in sourcing local intelligence:

“Whilst I have lived in Africa for more than a decade, I am originally from Europe. This is key to bridging the gap between different cultures and understandings of what is normal and what might be considered a red flag.”

Need local intelligence sourced directly from South Africa? Explore our consultant network.


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