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Meet Our Experts: Syria

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Our Syrian expert shares his insights on the power of local intelligence. To learn more, read on.

‘Hassan’ is a Syrian post-graduate with training in qualitative analysis, interviewing and security management and 7 years professional experience. He says that his strength lies in contextualizing locally sourced information into actionable intelligence. Hassan sources information from his robust information-gathering networks in hostile environments - Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

“It’s impossible to contextualize the information I source without in-depth knowledge of historical and current power dynamics in the Middle Eastern political space as well as a profound understanding of the power-brokers in Syria.”

When prompted to tell us about truly local intelligence he has sources, he recalls:

I have managed a team of 20+ local monitors, collating and communicating information on over 200 security incidents per day in a clear manner from areas with poor connectivity in Syria. The deliverable? Issuing threat warnings in a timely manner, alerting NGOs in the region of high-impact incidents.


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