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Tapis launches new local-source intelligence service

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Tapis Intelligence has launched a new concept in locally-sourced global information, with services starting this month in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Tapis Intelligence launched in May 2018

Founded by risk and blue-chip consulting professionals Matthew Harding and Kirsten Jack, the London-based startup is using a new technological platform to connect companies with bespoke local insight “on tap” at highly competitive prices.

Companies depend on accurate and reliable local information. However, high-quality commercial and operational risk intelligence is hard to come by, expensive, and often takes too long. Tapis’s custom technology and extensive networks of vetted local consultants means companies can access real-time information and high quality analysis at price points not seen before in this market.

Matthew Harding (formerly head of Drum Cussac and G4S Consulting) said: “There has never been a more pressing need for accurate and reliable operational and risk intelligence. Desk based internet research just won’t cut it, and what in-depth analysis is available is often prohibitively expensive or lacks true local understanding."  

"What companies need is fast access to raw facts from trusted local sources."  

"Tapis was founded with the aim of connecting companies to reliable on-the-ground experts who can provide fast, objective insight and high quality analysis in real time – even in hostile or remote locations. In an era of fake news and organised misinformation, we believe this sort of ground-truthed local insight will make a real difference to companies looking to do business in these regions."

Tapis Intelligence was founded in 2017 by intelligence and business risk professionals with extensive experience delivering intelligence services for governments and corporations. They recognised the difficulty organisations face in accessing ground-truthed intelligence from local sources. Wanting to bridge this gap, they created Tapis. A platform dedicated to sourcing the best local intelligence, quickly and affordably.

During spring 2018 Tapis have been beta testing services in select locations. To learn more please contact or visit


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