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Case Study: Fraud Investigation for Multinational Insurance Provider

We equipped a multinational insurance provider with ground-truthed, reliable evidence that allowed them to reject a fraudulent claim against them.

Our client, a multinational insurance provider in West Africa, had identified a theft claim as being potentially fraudulent. However, as the insurer lacked a deep understanding of the country context, they needed Tapis to check the validity of police reports and local transactions.

Tapis’ consultant used their strong networks in law enforcement and deep knowledge of the local business environment to investigate. They:

  • Visited law enforcement agencies mentioned in the claim

  • Found considerable inconsistencies in police reports

  • Investigated local transactions

  • Found inflation of prices of stolen items listed in reports in comparison to local benchmark prices

  • Determined that there was a lack of substantial evidence of theft

Equipped with ground-truthed reliable evidence from our local expert, our client was able to reject the fraudulent theft claim and defend their position avoiding litigation.

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