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Case Study: Security Assessment for Organisation in Eritrea

We helped an organisation in Eritrea plan for a safe and effective evacuation from the country.

Our client, an organisation with staff in Eritrea, was concerned about the growing instability in the country. They required a security assessment to find the best route from Asmara to Massawa in case an evacuation was necessary. The route was to be assessed to identify potential issues that could arise during the journey.

Tapis’ local consultant used their robust network of Eritrean contacts and identified:

  • The fastest route from Asmara to Massawa

  • The range of transport options available for this route

  • The documentation requirements to enter Massawa and the location of checkpoints outside both cities

  • Infrastructure deficiencies on the route to Massawa

  • Equipment requirements for the journey

Equipped with ground-truthed, reliable information from our local consultant, our client was able to advise their logistics team on the best plan for a safe and effective evacuation from Eritrea.

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