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Case Study: Operational Audit for Global Investment Fund

We helped a global investment fund adopt a new safety policy in its overseas locations and identify local security providers for its long-term implementation.

Our client, a global trade and investment firm needed an operational audit to ensure the safety and security of its overseas business operations. These included offices in Angola, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Egypt and a range of other firm-owned locations, such as warehouses and hotels. The aim was to develop a pragmatic and practical approach to local security.

Working with their robust local network, Tapis’ consulting team was able to:

  • Assess the firm’s risk exposure to in each of the countries by engaging with local staff and stakeholders

  • Review local security best practice based on similar companies in the local environment

  • Provide a range of practical security options based on the level of risk identified and consistent with company policy worldwide

  • Identify appropriate local security providers to help long-term implementation of security policy

Equipped with context-specific, reliable advice, our client was able to adopt a new security policy in their Angola, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Egypt locations. With Tapis’ support, they were also able to commission suitable local security providers and experts to help them implement their security policies in the long term.

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