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Case Study: Political Risk Assessment for a Management Consulting Firm

We equipped a management consulting firm with up to date, verified information so they could advise investors on political risk in Turkmenistan.

Our client, a management consulting firm with clients investing in Turkmenistan needed insight on the current attitude of Turkmen citizens towards the government. Its authoritarian nature and severe media and communication restrictions have proved an obstacle to getting a thorough understanding of the country.

Our local consultant used a range of reliable contacts from different regions in the country to determine:

  • Uniform popular sentiment towards the Government across different provinces

  • Widespread feeling of social, economic and political repression across the country

  • Unrest potential deterred by lack of protest tradition and powerful security services

  • Sources of potential threats to the current regime in the near future

Equipped with up to date, reliable information from our local expert, our client was able to advise their clients looking to invest in Turkmenistan.

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