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Case study: Security Review for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

We equipped a global pharmaceutical company with up to date, reliable information to ensure the safety of their exports into Southern Africa.

Our client, a large global pharmaceutical company, needed to find the safest routes for their Pharma and PPE exports to be transported from South Africa into Botswana and Namibia. They also needed up to date information regarding incidents taking place around the South African Border area.

Tapis Intelligence contacted a local consultant that used their networks in custom services and logistics companies to identify:

  • Closures, expected delays and COVID testing regimes at the Namibia and Botswana borders

  • Most commonly export routes utilised, and changing risk profile of export routes from South Africa

  • Risks currently experienced by the South African trucking industry, including theft and hijacking

  • Potential risks to exports expected in the near future

Equipped with up to date, reliable information from our local expert, our client was able to take risk mitigation measures required to safeguard their vital medication and health equipment exports into Southern Africa.

Read more about the value of local intelligence:



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