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Case Study: Supply Chain Assessment for Multinational Manufacturer

We helped a multinational manufacturer in Colombia assess two supply chain expansion options.

Our client, a multinational manufacturer was looking to expand their operations into unfamiliar, politically unstable areas of Colombia. When faced with two potential options for expansion, our client needed relevant, local intelligence to determine how best to expand their operations.

Tapis matched the task with a local consultant who had contacts in local supply chain networks, knowledge of local politics and had recently been travelling in the region. Our expert was able to identify:

• Major risks to third party supply chains

• Challenges staff might face when travelling around the region.

• The rising importance of social responsibility when promoting legal compliance

• The importance of, and robust approaches to, working with local governments

Equipped with a risk report as well as locally-relevant practical advice, our client was able to make informed assessments regarding the two expansion options and decide on their best course of action.

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