Case Study: International Investigation for Law Firm

We helped a magic circle law firm rapidly compile evidence in a case for a high net worth client.

Our client, a top tier law firm in the #UK, was managing a complex issue for a prominent international client. They needed to quickly understand who was behind a number of online claims about their client. This included individuals' identities, affiliations and motivations.

Tapis Intelligence tasked one of their specialist investigators, alongside local consultants to:

  • Review the digital footprint of the individuals involved.

  • Trace known affiliates and partners.

  • Review the evidential basis for claims made online.

  • Collate evidence that might be used to counter such claims.

  • Verify digital evidence through local checks where needed.

Evidence was collected and presented within 36 hours. Equipped with an extensive collection of digital evidence, and ground-truthed information, the law firm was able to compile a robust evidential case file that could be used should litigation be required.

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