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Case Study: Risk Assessment for an Educational Charity

We equipped an educational charity in Lebanon with reliable ground-level information to ensure the safety of their experts travelling in areas of conflict.

Our client, an educational charity in #Lebanon, was looking to expand their operations to schools near the North-Eastern border with Syria. As the region was destabilised by nearby conflict, they needed to know if it was safe to send an education expert into the area on her own.

Tapis Intelligence tasked their consultant in Beirut who used their local networks to identify:

  • Routes from the coast into the region that were safe to travel on

  • Local risks the consultant would face when visiting each of the schools

  • Mitigations to avoid curfews and roadblocks in the local area

  • Accessibility of local services that the client may require

  • Travel safety advice for the female education expert

Equipped with reliable, ground-level information, our client could make the relevant decisions to safely send their expert to support the schools and contribute to improving the education of children.

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